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I'm a software developer who primarily works on web applications. My main languages/platforms/frameworks are Windows, Ubuntu, C#, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, UWP, Python, and Powershell. I like frontend development and work a lot with JavaScript, CSS, and XAML. I dabble in C/C++ when the mood strikes. It is always fun to break out my Raspberry Pi and a breadboard and pretend I'm an EE.


Over the years I've worked on a variety of software projects in my freetime. In February 2016 I decided to open source most of my projects. I have learned from every project I've worked on and hopefully someone else will get something useful out of the projects as well. Feel free to take a look here. Happy hacking!


Take a look in the menu to see demos of some of my projects.


Check out! You will not be disappointed.